Other name: 花火 There Will Be Fireworks


The drama revolves around a group of newly graduated college students, telling a story about youth, dreams and struggles.

Ling Xiao, Tan Yue, Rao Shikai, Ning Xue, Ning Yu and others, after graduating from college, went to the struggle of their respective careers. When Ling Wei met Wei Wei, Tan Yue met Chen Hao and Rao Shikai met Ning Yu, they began to have a new understanding of love and career. Under the resolute opposition of his father, Ling Xiao insisted on working and wanted to rely on his own efforts to realize his dream. But when love knocks on the door, Ling Hao's wealthy family background has become a stumbling block on his way to love. Ling Xiao introduced classmate Tan Yue to work in 4S shop, Tan Yue secretly fell in love with Chen Hao. However, Chen Hao wanted Tan Yue to create a good opportunity for her and Ling Xiao. After Zhao Xiaonan, the cousin of Ling Xiao, returned to China after studying abroad, he has always been the head of the family business, so he began to indulge himself. What surprised Zhao Zhennan was that no matter how good his own conditions, how rich his family life, and his experience and degree of staying abroad, he could not attract Wei Wei, a girl who he thought was ordinary. Wei Wei and his cousin Ling Xiao’s simple and simple love made Zhao Zhennan have a new understanding and understanding of love. In the end, these young people have gained their career, love and happiness.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; life; Romance; Youth;

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