Fighting for Love (2018)

Fighting for Love (2018)

Other name: 单恋大作战 單戀大作戰 Dan Lian Da Zuo Zhan Operation One-sided Love Сражаясь за любовь


A story revolving around a one-sided crush between Hu Li Shan and Xia Bai Cheng as he helps her chase after her crush all while unable to confess his own feelings due to a wretched curse.

Hu Li Shan is a genius in the field of architecture who has always harbored a crush on his childhood friend Xia Bai Cheng. After rejecting a strange girl in highschool, he was left with a curse that prevents him from ever confessing his feeling towards Xia Bai Cheng. If he does, Xiao Bai Cheng will bear the brunt of the misfortune. Hu Li Shan eventually figures out that he must help Xia Bai Cheng confess her feelings to the person that she likes in order for him to be freed from the curse. When Xiao Bai Cheng falls for Hu Li Shan's enemy from school, Hu Li Shan jumps at the chance to helps Xia Bai Cheng chase after the person that he hates the most, even if it pains him to do so.

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Shen Qin Yuan [沈沁源]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Childhood; Comedy; Curse; Fantasy; Manhua; Romance; Youth;

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