Love at First Fight

Love at First Fight

Other name: 武十郎 Wu Shi Lang Love for Fight


A rigged professional fist-fighting tournament 20 years ago led to the downfall of one family and changed the course of both families forever. The patriarchs of the Duan and Ye families faced each other in an epic professional fist-fighting tournament that went horribly wrong, and the two families have been sworn enemies ever since. Duan Yi Qiao (Tony Sun) is the son of one of the feuding families who also is an expert fist fighter as well as heir to the family’s successful entertainment company. When his family targets the last standing building of the Ye family for redevelopment, the feisty Ye You Li (Esther Liu) is determined to put up a fight to keep her family’s Fist-Fighting Hall from being taken over. When Yi Qiao then finds out something about his past that makes him question his own identity, can he and You Li fight for what is rightfully theirs? “Mr. Fighting” is a 2005 Taiwanese drama series.

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2007

Genre: Action; Comedy; Martial Arts; Romance;

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