Fai Lang Fai

Fai Lang Fai

Other name: ไฟล้างไฟ Fire Against Fire


Twenty five years ago, Leela and Narut's fathers invested in a business together. However, Narut's father cheated Leela's father by taking over the business for himself. This caused Leela's father to become so disheartened that he got into a car accident, which resulted in the death of his wife and him becoming permanently handicapped. When the burden of a father's revenge falls upon his daughter, life becomes a living hell on earth for his daughter Leela (Matt Peranee), who sets out to avenge the family who had stolen what is rightfully her father's. Leela begins to sacrifice her life by plotting to destroy the happiness of her enemy so that her father can finally be happy for once. However, this game won't be easy when Narut's (Boy Pakorn) gratitude towards his family becomes an armor of protection, awaiting to fight against anyone in order to protect his family. When a game of revenge ignites a flame of love between their two hearts, Narut does all he can to extinguish the fire of vengeance within Leela's heart through his love. Will Leela's heart withstand his love or will she succumb to it and stop her revenge? Tune into Fai Lang Fai to find out.

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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