Face to Sea (2020)

Face to Sea (2020)

Other name: 追梦 面向大海 面朝大海 Mian Xiang Da Hai Zhui Meng Mian Chao Da Hai Face The Sea


A story that follows a husband and wife who work hard for their dreams. It also depicts the forty years of development and change in Shenchuan.

It was a unique time in history. Wei Dong Xiao only managed to finish junior high school but because he is bold and street smart, he gained the confidence of people like Fan Qi Zheng and Fang Xiang Dong and gets the opportunity to be involved in the core activities of the reform movement. Wei Dong Xiao goes to work by day and works even harder by night. The road is not easy, but he takes comfort in what the future will bring.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Family; Romance;

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