Exo's Ladder Season 4 (2023)

Exo's Ladder Season 4 (2023)

Other name: EXO의 사다리 타고 세계여행 시즌 4 EXO의 사다리 타고 세계여행4 엑소의 사다리 타고 세계여행 - 거제&통영 편 EXOeui Sadari Tago Segyeyeohaeng 4 EXOeui Sadari Tago Segyeyeohaeng - Geoje&Tongyeong Pyeon EXO Ladder 4 EXO's Travel the World on a Ladder 4 EXO's Travel the World on a Ladder in Geoje&Tongyeong


EXO is back with another season of healing, fun and laughter. The ladder has led them to Geoje & Tongyeong this time. Looks like things have changed up a bit from previous seasons with the introduction of the new mystery 'EXO-man'. What new missions await these men as they set off on a new journey? How well will this 11-year-old group reflect their chemistry through the missions?

Episodes: 12

Original Network: Wavve;

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Youth;

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