Every Trick In The Book (2021)

Every Trick In The Book (2021)

Other name: 鳩の撃退法 はとのげきたいほう Hato no Gekitaiho The Method of Repulsing the Dove How to Repel Pigeons


Shinichi Tsuda, a Naoki Prize winning author, is working to publish his newest story. It revolves around Tsuyama, a driver for a call girl business in Toyama Prefecture, who comes across a mysterious counterfeit bill and has his life targeted by underworld kingpin Kurata. Is his story fact or fiction? His editor, Nahomi Torikai, decides to verify whether his latest work is mere fiction based on real-life experiences. She looks into a family that vanished, a post office worker who went missing, a shady load of cash, the whereabouts of the doves, and the fateful encounter from that night... A series of shocking facts are revealed from Tsuda’s stories. Why did the counterfeit money end up in Tsuda’s hands? What is the “ending” that Tsuda wished to portray?

Adapted from a novel of the same name.

Director: Takahata Hideta [タカハタ秀太]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Novel;

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