Even if This Love Disappears From the World Tonight (2022)

Even if This Love Disappears From the World Tonight (2022)

Other name: 今夜、世界からこの恋が消えても Konya, Sekai Kara Kono Koi ga Kietemo SekaKoi Tonight, Even if This Love Disappears From the World


In order to stop his classmates from bullying him, the protagonist, Kamiya Tooru, makes a false confession to a girl in his class, Hino Maori. Even though she knows that the confession is a lie, Maori says yes with the three rules: "Don't talk to me until after school," "Keep communication brief," and "Don't fall in love with each other". The two promise not to fall in love, but as they get to know each other, they find themselves drawn to each other. When Tooru finally couldn't hold back his feelings, Maori's words were unexpected.

"I have an anterograde amnesia, and I forget things when I sleep at night. Everything that's happened in a day". Her memories and experiences were reset every day, and she wrote down the day's events in a diary and woke up early in the morning to review them in order to keep her memory alive. Tooru is devoted to bringing her as much happiness as possible. However, such daily life did not last long. What is the "plan" that Tooru has devised to protect Maori's happiness? The raging climax and the fragile tenderness will wrap the world in warm tears once again.

Adapted from the novel "Konya, Sekai Kara Kono Koi ga Kietemo" (今夜、世界からこの恋が消えても) by Ichijo Misaki (一条岬).

Director: Miki Takahiro [三木孝浩]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Amnesia; Drama; Novel; Romance;

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