En of Love: TOSSARA (2020)

En of Love: TOSSARA (2020)

Other name: รักวุ่นๆ ของหนุ่มวิศวะ - วิศวะมีเกียร์น่ะเมียหมอ The Busy Love of a Young Engineer Engineering Has Gear TOSSARA


Gun Tossakan is a very bright and tall medical faculty freshman who has been in love with the popular third-year Engineering major and head hazer, Bar Sarawat, ever since he was in high school.

Although at that time Gun was unable to confess his feelings because of the promise he made to his mum to not date until he passed high school, once he enters university fate has very different plans for him.

The world is small, and a university is smaller. Being popular students at the same university leads Gun and Bar to collide with each other again and again until Gun succeeds in wooing Bar. Or maybe Bar too has a confession to make?

Original Network: LINE TV;

Director: Niink Karnpicha Sinlertpattana [กานต์พิชชา สินเลิศพัฒนะ], Ko Nantalit Tampacha [นันทฤทธิ์ ธรรมประชา]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama; Romance; School;

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