Elpis: Kibou, Aruiwa Wazawai (2022)

Elpis: Kibou, Aruiwa Wazawai (2022)

Other name: エルピス―希望、あるいは災い― エルピス きぼう あるいはわざわい Erupisu: Kibo, Aruiwa Wazawai Erupisu: Kibou, Aruiwa Wazawai Elpis: Kibo, Aruiwa Wazawai Elpis: Hope or Calamity Elpis: Hope or Disaster


Defined as the spirit of hope in Greek mythology, Elpis centers around Asakawa Ena, an ace announcer who fell from her position due to a scandal; Kishimoto Takuro, a young director of a variety show; and Saito Seiichi, an ace reporter, as they work together to pursue the truth behind a serial murder case which the death penalty has been set.

Original Network: KTV; Fuji TV;

Director: Ohne Hitoshi [大根仁]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Investigation; Miniseries; Murder; Mystery; Teamwork;

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