Drowning Love (2016)

Drowning Love (2016)

Other name: 溺れるナイフ Oboreru Knife Drowning Knife The Knife That Dropped in Water Knife That Sinks


Natsume Mochizuki was a magazine model in Tokyo but moves to the rural town of Ukigumocho. Mochizuki, feeling depressed about living in the boring countryside, meets Koichiro Hasegawa, a member of a locally prominent family of Shinto priests, and gets caught in an intense attraction… It’s an epic love story that intensely and beautifully depicts the feelings of omnipotence and frustration that comes with being a teenager.

Director: Yamato Yuki [山戸結希]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Drama; life; Romance; School; Youth;

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