Dream Maker (2022)

Dream Maker (2022)

Other name: 드림메이커 Deurimmeikeo


Dreamband is an auxiliary device that creates virtual dreams. Seo Yoon, who modified the device and monitored others' dreams, uploaded the contents under the name Admin K on the public SNS of Hanyeong High School, when the crime was revealed.

Joo Hwan who was aware of the truth about Seo Yoon's existence, steps on her tail and suggests a way to play a game that can hide the real bad guy by telling her secret. Joo Hwan's game, which began when Seo Yoon accepted an offer to raise his mother's hospital bills, thrilled Hanyeong High School's influential figure Seung Hwan, and the secret game between the two flows in an unknown direction.

Director: Kim Seung Tae [김승태]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Drama; Sci-fi;

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