Don't Forget I Love You (2022)

Don't Forget I Love You (2022)

Other name: 不要忘记我爱你 不要忘記我愛你 被偷走的明天 N次愛上你 N次爱上你 Bu Yao Wang Ji Wo Ai Ni Bei Tou Zou De Ming Tian The Stolen Tomorrow Don’t Forget I Love You Не забывай, что я люблю тебя


What if one day, your lover forgets you, will you have the courage to restart and make him fall in love with you again? Once, twice or until 100th times?

From an outsider's standpoint, Xing Yue and Lu Yao have a relationship that has no tomorrow. For a couple that has no future, they are willing to be brave for each other. Even if you'll forget the past, it's fine, but don't forget I love you.

Director: Wong Chun Chun [黃真真]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: Romance;

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