Don't Cry, Mr. Ogre (2019)

Don't Cry, Mr. Ogre (2019)

Other name: 泣くな赤鬼 哭泣的赤鬼 なくなあかおに Nakuna Akaoni


Obuchi Takashi was a high school baseball coach well known as the "Red Demon Teacher" because of his tan red face and energetic instructions. He is now a tired, middle-aged man.

One day, Obuchi Takashi meets his former student Saito Tomoyuki. Tomoyuki played on Takashi's high school baseball team. He was talented, but did not have patience and eventually dropped out of school. Tomoyuki is now a responsible adult and married to Yukino. Takashi learns that his former student only has 6 months left to live due to having terminal cancer. Takashi regrets that he was so strict to his students. He plans something for Saito Tomoyuki.

Director: Kaneshige Atsushi [兼重淳]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Friendship; life; Novel; School; Sports;

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