Donburi Iincho (2020)

Donburi Iincho (2020)

Other name: どんぶり委員長 Japanese Bowl Chairman


Batafu Gakuen 2-C's Class Chairman is a young lady raised in a wealthy family. She is serious and sometimes a little high-handed.

One day, she delivered chicken ingredients to classmates Yoshida who skipped the cooking class. The Class Chairman who was interested in oyakodon ordered Yoshida to prepare the dish for school the next day.

The Class Chairman who has never eaten donburi (rice bowl dish) in her life was amazed as she enjoyed the oyakodon prepared by Yoshida. She then ordered Yoshida to prepare more donburi as she continues enjoying every one of them.

Adapted from the manga by Hiroshi Ichikawa.

Director: Kuma Shinji [久万真路]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Food; Romance; School;

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