Die Sterntaler (2012)

Die Sterntaler (2012)

Other name: 白色之戀 白色之恋 愛。在手中 星之金幣 Bai Se Zhi Lian Белая любовь


He Yun Cai, a deaf girl, fell in love with Chu Yong Xiu, a new doctor volunteering at her grandfather's small clinic in Hokkaido. When a family emergency called Yong back to Taiwan, he promised to come back for her. When he didn't, she went to look for him. She discovered that he had lost his memory in an accident. And, there was a woman claiming to be his girlfriend. Although she was saddened by the discovery, she stayed to care for him. Her selfless devotion deeply affected Yong's brother, Chu Yong Tuo, who never experienced unconditional love. He decided that he would do anything to win over her love.

Original Network: CTV;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Romance;

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