Destined to Love You

Destined to Love You

Other name: 偏偏喜欢你 Pian Pian Xi Huan Ni


Set in Shanghai in the late 1910s, Qian Bao Bao (JOE CHEN) is a cunning young woman who assumes the stolen identity of a female instructor at an all-male military academy in order to earn enough money to help her sick mother. During her stay at the academy, Bao Bao finds herself entangled in a complicated love triangle with the flirtatious Xiang Hao (JIA NAI LIANG) and the intelligent Shen Wen Tao (BOSCO WONG), who are both instructors at the academy.

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Friendship; Historical; Military; Romance;

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