Death Note 2: The Last Name (2006)

Death Note 2: The Last Name (2006)

Other name: DEATH NOTE デスノート The Last Name Desu Nato: The Last Name Death Note: The Last Name


The story begins on the heels of the first movie as Light Yagami joins the investigation team in pursuit of the serial killer known as "Kira." While L still strongly suspects that Light is "Kira," Light tries to uncover L's real name so he can kill him with his Death Note. Confusingly enough, a new rash of murders all around the world are taking place, with a "Second Kira" claiming responsibility. Light learns the identity of the Second Kira and suggests they join forces to get rid of L. Will L be able to catch "Kira" before he is killed?

Director: Kaneko Shusuke [金子修介]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Adventure; Crime; Detective; Fantasy; Investigation; Mystery; Psychological; Serial Killer; Supernatural; Thriller;

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