Dear Designer (2020)

Dear Designer (2020)

Other name: 亲爱的设计师 Qian Ai De She Ji Shi


Shen Tiantian studied design with the support of Li Manli, the chief executive of Li's garment making. In order to repay Manli, she became a "shadow designer" for Tang Guoer, Manli's daughter, and she became an all-talking girlfriend with Guoer. In order to let Li's clothing go to the world, Manli decided to let Guoer and Zhao Mingyuan, the heir of the Zhao Group, go on a blind date to strengthen Li's. Unexpectedly, Guoer fell in love with an unknown "male god" and asked to go on a blind date for herself every day. Unexpectedly, Tiantian and Zhao Mingyuan really fell in love, and Guoer discovered that his male god was also Zhao Mingyuan. In order to fulfill the fruit, painfully leave every day. Guo'er got his wish and married Zhao Mingyuan, who also married the brand "Guoer" designed in her name every day. But Guoer wanted to eliminate all traces of Tiantian because of jealousy, and sold Guoer. At this time, a scandal broke out in the Li family: Zhao Mingyuan was not the heir of the Zhao group, but was just a beggar adopted by Zhao Lange. Zhao Lange's move was to completely defeat the Lee Clothing Group. And Zhao Lange's real son turned out to be Wang Ye, who had a crush on Guoer. Zhao Mingyuan saw the true face of Zhao Lange, and he resigned in anger. He invited Tiantian to join forces and began the road of revitalization of "Made in China". The Li group collapsed and Manli passed away in despair. Guo'er blamed Tiantian for the source of the misfortune. Losing her mind, she decided to focus on design and compete with Tiantian. Two of the best girlfriends once became the opponents who knew each other best. But the wise Zhao Mingyuan realized that the vicious competition between the Li and Zhao groups has been caused by foreign capital deliberately soliciting to suppress China's design industry. Zhao Mingyuan is determined to crush the despicable plan of foreign capital. In the end, through Zhao Mingyuan's efforts, Guo'er repented and the plan of overseas capital completely failed. Guoer and Tiantian joined forces to promote the "Made in China" fashion brand to the world.

Director: Luo Fu [羅燦然]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Drama; Romance;

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