The Light in Your Eyes (2019)

The Light in Your Eyes (2019)

Other name: 눈이 부시게 耀眼 眩しくて Nuni Busige Nuni Busigye Nooni Booshige Eyes Are Dazzling Dazzling Radiant


In order to save her father from an accident, 26-years-old Kim Hye Ja uses a mysterious watch to rewind time in an attempt to prevent the accident, but fails. Desperate, she ends up rewinding the watch too many times and accidently aging herself, becoming a 70-years-old.

Confused and oblivious as to how she ended up like this, she sets on a journey to put everything back on track. Along the way, she encounters her family and friends who now do not recognize her, including Lee Joon Ha, a young man she loved, who yearns for her while struggling with his life.

When 70-years-old Kim Hye Ja and the young Lee Joon Ha come together to form an unlikely bond, a devastating and life-turning truth is revealed, the crux of all the time she lost.

Original Network: jTBC; Viki;

Director: Kim Seok Yoon [김석윤]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; life; melodrama; Romance; Time Travel;

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