Daga, Jyonetsu wa Aru! (2023)

Daga, Jyonetsu wa Aru! (2023)

Other name: だが、情熱はある だが じょうねつはある Daga, Jyounetsu wa Aru! But There Is Passion!


A drama based on a true story of two comedians as they overcome their crippling insecurities on the path to fame.

They were two people who weren't even nice all the time. One of them is Wakabayashi Masayasu and the other is Yamasato Ryota. Shyness, self-consciousness, negative feelings of inferiority. Negative emotions that arise.

Everything went wrong. But there is passion. The survival of the two youths was like that.

Original Network: NTV;

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Friendship; life; Miniseries; Youth;

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