Come Dance With Me My Love (2023)

Come Dance With Me My Love (2023)

Other name: โปงลางฮักออนซอน Pong Lang Hak On Son


Pong Lang dancing is Phlengphin's favourite thing, but her mother—a former top Pong Lang dancer—has always tried to stop her from doing it.

Dueanpradap is planning to make the Pong Lang group of Isan On Son come back with a new generation of dancers. Impressed by Phlengphin's performance, she offers her a chance to audition for the group. Phum, Dueanpradap's son, convinces her parents to let her audition after she helps him get away from ruffians.

Phum's actually against his mother's plan of making the group come back. He is also suspicious of Nopphadon, and has Copter spying on him.

Phlengphin and her best friend Lamphaen must face Baifern, whose mother is Saengdao, the former dancer of Isan On Son who brought about the end of the group.

Finally, Phlengphin and Lamphaen are recruited into the group thanks to Phurit. Phlengphin's intention is not only to pursue her dream but also to about the events of the past. Why are her parents against her being a Pong Lang dancer?

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Episodes: 32

Original Network: Channel 3;

Director: Sara Younyong [ศรา ยืนยง]

Country: Thailand

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Romance;

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