CODE 2 (2019)

CODE 2 (2019)

Other name: 浮士德遊戲2 CODE Fu Shi De You Xi 2 Code 2: His Cafe


The story begins with the investigation of a series of bizarre crimes by the criminal policeman Liang Renjie (Xiu Jie), but a mysterious APP suddenly appears, tempting him to fall into the trap of the mysterious APP, in the face of everything seemingly out of control, a The reporter's Du Zixin (Zhong Yao ornaments) appeared in front of his eyes, telling him that there seems to be a great inside story about this mysterious APP, so the two began to work together to trace. They found the world-class hacker Hank (Huang Shanghe) and the senior player Li Yuan (Yao Yizhen) in the CODE game to join their team. The four people who are pregnant each other have joined together for different reasons. The purpose is only one. - Is to uncover the truth behind this mysterious APP.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama; Mystery; Sci-fi;

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