Citizen Pane (2023)

Citizen Pane (2023)

Other name: 말이야 바른 말이지 Maliya Bareun Maliji


Every episode has one dialogue with two characters in one place. Two men share pro tips on how to boss around their staff without their own bosses. A cat casts a puzzled look at a couple breaking up and preparing to live apart and father ‘Seung-kil’ is worried about his soon-to-be-born grandkid’s birthplace, whereas his daughter ‘Yun-seo’ finds it out-date. ‘Namhui’ and ‘Deogyun’ in a marketing team write a sincere apology statement responding to some complaints about a copy which might imply misandrist expression. While ‘Jun’ in his twenties propose to ‘Ram’, which ends up with an unexpected reaction. A team member Ms. Jeong is reluctant to eat the leftover brought by her boss who tries to show his good faith for his new-year resolution’s sake.

Pay attention to the six dialogues for beginners who should still learn a lot from the realities of how we rule out underdogs not only reasonably but smoothly.

Release dates: April 28, 2022 (Festival) || May 17, 2023 (Cinema).

Director: Park Dong Hoon [박동훈], Yoon Seong Ho [윤성호], Choi Ha Na [최하나], Kim So Hyeong [김소형]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Omnibus;

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