Chinese Doctors (2021)

Chinese Doctors (2021)

Other name: 中国医生 中國醫生 Zhong Guo Yi Sheng Jung Gwok Yi Sang Китайские врачи


Men and women in white coats come forward one after another in a race against time. On the frontlines of Wuhan, they give their all to protect the lives of others without regard for their own safety.

With Jinyintan Hospital during the Wuhan lockdown as the core background, the story is based on the experiences and arduous struggles of medical personnel in Wuhan and the medical teams from various provinces and cities across China that have come to their aid at the early stages of the pandemic.

Director: Andrew Lau [劉偉強]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Disaster; Drama;

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