Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022)

Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022)

Other name: 겨울 지나 벚꽃 겨울지나벚꽃 Gyeoul Jina Beojkkoch Gyeouljinabeojkkoch


Ever since his parents passed away, Hae Bom has been living in Tae Sung’s house. And now, being a 12th grader, he enters the same class as Tae Sung, which makes the whole situation way more awkward. Living together 24/7, Tae Sung and Hae Bom's relationship is bound to change.

Adapted from the webtoon "Cherry Blossoms After Winter" (겨울 지나 벚꽃) by Bam Woo (밤우).

Original Network: Viki;

Director: Yoon Joon Ho [윤준호]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre: BL; Childhood; Cohabitation; Corruption; Drama; Romance; Youth;

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