Bromance (2015)

Bromance (2015)

Other name: 愛上哥們 爱上哥们 Ai Shang Ge Men


Because of one simple word from a soothsayer, Pi Ya Nuo has been raised as a boy all her life. By chance she saves underworld mob boss Du Zi Feng and his sister. His sister falls in love with Pi Ya Nuo at first sight. Things gets complicated when the she becomes "sworn brothers" with the mob boss, just as her 26th birthday comes closer, and with it her chance to finally live as a woman. As her 26th birthday approaches, she must decide if she wants to return to a woman or continue to be Du Zi Feng's best pal.

Two versions available: 18 episodes (TV) || 30 episodes (online).

Original Network: TTV;

Director: Chen Rong Hui [陳戎暉]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Bromance; Drama; Family; Friendship; Hidden Identity; Mafia; Romance; Tomboy;

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