Birdcage Inn (1998)

Birdcage Inn (1998)

Other name: 파란 대문 Paran Daemun


"Birdcage Inn" is a story about Jina, the new call girl at the Birdcage Inn. The Birdcage Inn is a hotel that is operated by a poor family - a father, mother and their two kids. The family relies on Jina's income as a whore to pay the expenses that keep the hotel alive for business; as well as putting food on the table. Still, the family is barely getting by and practically living very low-class. There's not much known about Jina, but one thing is clear, she's not happy with her job status (is there a whore who is?). When Jina's not working, she takes the time to enjoy the beauty of looking at the ocean. Jina is also a terrific artist, but God only knows why she doesn't use her artistic talents instead of selling her body. It's apparent that Jina is obviously torn from something that happened in her unexplainable past.

Hyemi, the daughter of the family, resents Jina from the beginning. Not only does Hyemi hate the fact that her family runs such a scummy business, but she blames Jina for being the primary tool. Jina notices Hyemi's rude attitude towards her, but still tries to win her affection by doing nice things for her and buying her items she can't afford. Still, Hyemi doesn't budge. The plot thickens when unexpected things *cough* start to happen: Jina's old pimp shows up out of the blue demanding that he still gets a cut of her earnings, Hyemi's young brother develops a small crush on her which leads to trouble, Jina gets involved with an Andy Lau-wannabe, and worst of all, Hyemi's boyfriend gets in between Hyemi and Jina.

Director: Kim Ki Deok [김기덕]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 1998

Genre: Drama;

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