Better Man (2016)

Better Man (2016)

Other name: 我的極品男友 型男三部曲 Wo De Ji Pin Nan You Sportsman Trilogy Best Man


The Yang brothers have it all — good looks, brains and family background, but each shuns romantic entanglements for his own reasons. Yang Zhen Wei is the workaholic oldest brother who only has his mind set on expanding his catering business. Yang Zhen Hao is the middle brother who works in the entertainment industry and as a fitness instructor. Yang Zhen Kai is the meticulous youngest brother who has been given the position of CEO of the family empire. How will the brothers handle their emotions when they each meet a woman who turns their perfect worlds upside down?

Original Network: SET TV;

Director: Eri Hao [郝心翔]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Comedy; Drama; life; Romance; Workplace;

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