Beautiful Reborn Flower

Beautiful Reborn Flower

Other name: 彼岸花 Bi An Hua


A story that follows a pair of twin sisters and the man that they love. As they experience the convulsions in the bustling metropolis, can the roots of love still sprout?

Lin He Ping, Zhuo Yang, Xu Zhen Sheng, and Ai Sen are good buddies from the university. Qiao Man and Nan Sheng are twins forced to live apart at a young age after their parents divorced.

Lin He Ping and Nan Sheng fall in love. Qiao Man who transfers to their school as an exchange student is finally reunited with Nan Sheng. Qiao Man also falls for Heping but she can only keep her feelings to herself. Due to many misunderstandings, Nan Sheng and He Ping part ways.

He Ping starts working at Zhuo Group and becomes colleagues with Qiao Man. Qiao Man wishes that He Ping and Nan Sheng can get back together, but many complications befall them.

Director: Wang Jing Ru [王静茹]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Business; Drama; melodrama; Romance;

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