Beauties Without Tears

Beauties Without Tears


Da Yu Er and Hai Lan Zhu are sisters with the same father but different mothers, because of clan and wife (mother's) placement, Yu Er is a gege (princess), while Hai Lan Zhu is a servant. JerJer is Yu Er and Lan Zhu's aunt, she married Hong Tai Ji and loves him unconditionally. Tai Ji treats JerJer as his wife, and said many time she is the person that knows him the best. However, it is said Tai Ji love of his life is Hai Lan Zhu, even though Lan Zhu has an agenda of her own. Tai Ji saved Yu Er, and Yu Er fell in love with him, considering her hero. Dorgon and Yu Er are a bickering pair, but Dorgon protects and loves Yu Er, and promise Yu Er, even if no one is on her side, he will always be on her side. Tai Ji married Yu Er because she is known as a lucky star, her father once had a fortune teller said she will bring luck to her husband and rule the world with him. However, rumors fly between Dorgon and Yu Er made him unexpectedly care more than he thought he would, and love and hate only grow deeper as these love stories overlap with many other characters.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: drama;

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