Be Mine SuperStar (2023)

Be Mine SuperStar (2023)

Other name: พี่พระเอกกับเด็กหมาในกอง Phi Phra-ek Kap Dek Ma Nai Klong The Superstar and the Puppy on Set


Third-year film student Punn gets an internship on the set of a drama. He's come there to learn from professionals, but what lights his passion even more than the work is leading man Achi, beloved of the nation.

Adapted from the novel "The Superstar and the Puppy on Set" (พี่พระเอกกับเด็กหมาในกอง) by Ofious (ออเฟียส).

Original Network: Channel 3;

Director: David Bigander [เดวิด บีแกนเดอร์]

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: BL; Romance; School; Youth;

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