Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver

Battle Strike Team: Giant Saver

Other name: Titan Strike Team , Titan Strike Team Giant Savers , Strike Force of Titans, 巨神战击队


Millions of millions of years ago, when humans did not appear on Earth , the dragon and sea ​​people lived on the planet. However, as the sea and the dragons continued to fight for the territory and when the dragons did not fight back, the protoss from the cosmos gave the dragon twelve mechanical fighters and six transformation machines . Under the power of both sides, the forces of both sides began to balance. However, at the height of casualties on both sides, the sea people found a more suitable water star , and started peace talks with the dragons. Finally, the sea people sealed their tyrant: sharks seal king in the sea in charge of the earth's seawater capacity After the door , they left the earth after peace talks with the dragons. However, the Hai people did not know that they had brought the land-heavy land machine that was invented by the shark spotted king into a dragon horse battleship as a gift, not to mention that it was actually part of the shark spotted land reorganization project . However, unexpectedly, the Dragons were extinguished in the event of a planet impact on the Earth, and the land reorganization plan was automatically terminated because of no use. As time went by, some of the militant rebels of the sea tribe returned to earth to find the super elf with different mystical powers to resurrect their commander in order to reproduce the glory of millions of years ago. The whole machine completely wiped out the humans now living on the earth. In order to prevent the Hai ethnic group’s plan, the six young people who originally had very different personalities had obtained the mechanical war-slayers and transformation machines left by the dragons and transformed them into warriors with the three strengths of heaven , earth , and human—“ Giant God fighting team !" " Great God fighting team, march forward! "

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Action; Sci-fi; Tokusatsu;

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