Baseball Love Affair (2004)

Baseball Love Affair (2004)

Other name: 追風少年 Zhui Feng Shao Nian


When the Tai Zi baseball team is thrown out of a competition, it’s in danger of being completely disbanded by a humiliated board of directors. The coach, Ah Nuo, refuses to quietly follow along with the decision and protests until the team is granted three month to win the gold cup at the university championship in order to save their reputation and team. Working towards this goal, Ah Nuo discovers Zhui Feng, a former top pitcher who quit the team after a family accident. Faced with the challenge of convincing Zhui Feng to return and improving his current team members, Ah Nuo refuses to give up.

Original Network: FTV;

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Sports;

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