Baan Sila Dang (2015)

Baan Sila Dang (2015)


Phenphon and Pornphen, twin siblings who were separated when they were just babies, have lived very different lives. Phenphon lived with her wealthy father, owner of a passion fruit garden, she is a shy and naive girl. Pon did not finish school or learn how to drive or swim, because her stepmother Sarocha and her children mistreated Pon, and her father was very ill and blindsided so he didn't do anything about it. As for Phen she lived with her mother and graduated from a University in a foreign country, she could swim and drive and was a very assertive person. After some misunderstandings, Pon and Phen discover each other and decide to swap, each will live the other's life, seeking truth and justice. This is a story of rivalry, greed, jealousy. Will everyone fulfill their dreams in the end? And will both Pon and Phen get to have their happy ending?

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Family; Romance;

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