Awl (Korean Drama)

Awl (Korean Drama)

Other name: 송곳 Songgot Ice Pick Drill Songgot: The Piercer


Soo In has a timid personality and is easily frightened, but he stands up for justice and does not cower in fear when he feels that he has been wronged. Early on in his military career, he becomes disillusioned with the falling standards and poor morale in an institution that supposedly practices strict discipline. This leads him to leave the military. In his new civilian life, he gets hired by a foreign retail distribution company and becomes the head manager of a large retail store. The retailer he works for slashes labor costs by firing part-time workers before they can qualify for benefits and higher wages. He cannot tolerate the company's poor and immoral treatment, so he decides to fight against the management. However, as he faces pressure from the company, he is forced to seek help from a labor counseling center and meets Go Shin, the center's manager. His only way to win the case is to utilize the Labor Act like a sword in his mission to fight against corruption and illegal corporate behavior. He boldly 'pierces into' the society that suppresses individual people with tyranny, just like an awl that bores a hole into the stiff wall... Soo In's lone fight to reclaim the labor rights workers have forgotten is about to begin!

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; life;

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