Assassinator Jing Ke (2004)

Assassinator Jing Ke (2004)

Other name: 荆轲传奇 壮士吟 Assassinator Jing Ke – The Revenge


Assassinator Jing Ke is a 2004 Chinese television series based on a semi-fictional story of the assassin Jing Ke, who, in 227 BC, attempted to kill Ying Zheng, the king of Qin. Directed by Raymond Lee, the series starred Liu Ye as the titular protagonist, with Peter Ho, Zheng Jiayu, Zhang Tielin, Shao Bing and Zhai Ying playing supporting roles.

Original Network: CCTV;

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Action; Adventure; Drama; Historical; Martial Arts; Serial Killer; Wuxia;

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