Ask This of Rikyu (2013)

Ask This of Rikyu (2013)

Other name: 利休にたずねよ 尋訪千利休 一代茶聖千利休 寻访千利休 りきゅうにたずねよ Rikyu ni Tazuneyo


Sen no Rikyu is the son of a fish shop owner. Sen no Rikyu then studies tea and eventually becomes one of the primary influences upon the Japanese tea ceremony. With his elegant esthetics, Sen no Rikyu is favored by the most powerful man in Japan Toyotomi Hideyoshi and becomes one of his closest advisors. Due to conflicts, Toyotomi Hideyoshi then orders Sen no Rikyu to commit seppuku (suicide).

Adapted from the novel "Rikyu ni Tazuneyo" by Kenichi Yamamoto.

Director: Tanaka Mitsutoshi [田中光敏]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Drama; Historical; Medical; Novel;

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