Angel Flight: Kokusai Reikyu Sokanshi (2023)

Angel Flight: Kokusai Reikyu Sokanshi (2023)

Other name: エンジェルフライト 国際霊柩送還士 エンジェルフライト Enjerufuraito Enjeru Furaito: Kokusai Reikyuu Soukanshi Enjeru Furaito: Kokusai Reikyu Sokanshi Angel Flight: Kokusai Reikyuu Soukanshi Angel Flight: International Morse Repatriator Angel Flight


A story about specialists who transport the deceased back home. The company Angel Hearse is run by Nami Izawa and Kashiwagi . A drama that portrays love between the deceased and the bereaved.

Adapted from the novel "Angel Flight: Kokusai Reikyu Sokanshi" (エンジェルフライト 国際霊柩送還士) by Sasa Ryoko (佐々涼子).

Original Network: Amazon Prime;

Director: Kentaro Horikirizono

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama; Miniseries; Novel; Web Series;

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