A Deadly Secret (2004)

A Deadly Secret (2004)

Other name: 连城诀 連城訣 Lian Cheng Jue Secret of the Linked Cities Linked Cities Requiem of Ling Sing Тайна связанных городов กระบี่ใจพิสุทธิ์


The story revolves around the adventures of the protagonist Di Yun, an ordinary young peasant, who is imprisoned after being framed. In his quest for vengeance, he accidentally acquires the Liancheng Swordplay manual, an ancient artifact not only prized for the skills detailed inside, but also for containing a secret leading to a treasure.

Adapted from a novel by Jing Yong.

Director: Chen Yong Ge [陈咏歌] and Wang Xin Min [王新民]

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2004

Genre: Action; Adventure; Drama; Martial Arts; Novel; Romance; Tragedy; Wuxia;

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