56-nenme no Shitsuren (2020)

56-nenme no Shitsuren (2020)

Other name: 56年目の失恋 56-nen-me no Shitsuren Broken Heart of The 56th Year


Nakagawa Saori is a chef apprentice at "Chez Nishijima", a prestigious French restaurant in Tokyo in year 2020. Despite winning various French cuisine contests, Saori does not appreciate her cookings and spends her days washing dishes. While Saori slowly loses her confidence and passion, she suddenly slips into Tokyo in year 1964. There, she meets Kikuchi Ryuichi, a cook at western restaurant "Jade-tei" and started training under him. Ryuichi is very dedicated to cooking despite the limited ingredients and cooking utensils as compared to the present days. He shows Saori what is really important in cooking and what she lacks as a cook.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Fantasy; Food; Romance; Time Travel;

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