14 Getsu Tsuma ga Kodomo ni Kaette Iku

14 Getsu Tsuma ga Kodomo ni Kaette Iku

Other name: 14ヶ月〜妻が子供に還っていく〜 14 Months: My Wife Is Turning Back Into A Child


Humanity has always been obsessed with the idea of somehow regaining our youth and going back to our childhood. But what would happen if that dream became a reality? Would that really bring happiness… or tragedy?

Yuko has a promising career in journalism ahead of her, and is happily married to Satoru, a younger man. But an unfortunate event turns their world upside down, and leads Yuko into a desperate attempt to regain her youth. She drinks a potion that begins a “de-aging” process, only to find out that once started the process cannot be stopped! Yuko and Satoru are forced to reexamine her life and their marriage, and their love for each other. And Yuko must somehow find a way to return to halt the process, or dire consequences await.

This touching story not only explores the question of lost youth but also takes a hard look at what it really means to love someone.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Family; Sci-fi;

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