The Gun

The Gun


1939 Desert of Inner Mongolia and the northeast junction . The anti-Japanese war hero Hua Yunlong bandits and traitors , found under the Japanese " 731" human laboratory " 208 epidemic prevention station ," with the Chinese people are terrible test " virus II " and is made by the bacteria bombs. To crush the Japanese conspiracy against collaborators bandits , Hua Yunlong Zhou Xiaoying together with the national government commissioner in depth a few bandits gathering five Longzhen . Zhou Xiaoying want to incorporate these bandits for their own use , for the big play games . Hua Yunlong to eliminate bandits and the Japanese laboratory, alone, indomitable . Two wits , and mutual respect. Eventually, Hua Yunlong led the anti-Japanese armed , with the Japanese and the old sleeve , Dongshan and good bandits launched several arduous battle. Deep in the desert , the railway line , 208 epidemic prevention station, everywhere they battlefield. Hua Yunlong courage and perseverance inspired his comrades , repeated break -down of repeated rise , finally, he led comrades in five bandits and traitors Longzhen launch a decisive battle , and finally eliminated the few shares of this traitorous gang collaborators , eradicate Japanese laboratory , the " II virus " burned to ashes .

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: action; suspense;

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