Player (2023)

Player (2023)

Other name: 玩家 Wan Jia


Lu Ren Jia is a lonely young man. After being abandoned by his mother as a child, he lost all trust in others and became a total introvert, burying his memories deep inside. He has shunned society but has also taught himself a range of IT-related skills, transforming himself into something of a tech whizz. His daily existence is dull and uneventful—until he discovers the latest gaming craze, an AI-based game called 5W.

5W becomes a massive phenomenon in the gaming world, pitting humans against one another and artificial intelligence, allowing them to interact with one another and aid or harm each other in the battle to gain ultimate transcendence. In this online arena, Ren Jia meets Zhou Zhi Shu, a beautiful and kind-hearted kindergarten teacher with mysterious secrets of her own. Her former boyfriend led Zhi Shu into the virtual world of 5W, and now she's developed a deep connection with the game, sensing she may never truly escape it. As she gets to know Ren Jia, their own connection deepens as they begin to question the game's parameters and painful memories from Ren Jia's childhood once again begin to bubble to the surface.

Original Network: Youku;

Director: Niu Chao [牛超]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2023

Genre: Adventure; Artificial Intelligence; Drama; Sci-fi; Web Series;

Airs: Dec 31, 2023

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