Zhang Guo Qiang (1969)

Zhang Guo Qiang (1969)

Other Name: 張國強 张国强 Cheung Kwok Keung Чжан Гоцян

Age: 55

Birthday: September, 30, 1969

Nationality: China

Height: 180 CM

Zodiac sign: Libra

Zhang Guo Qiang is a seasoned mainland China film and television drama actor.

Graduated from the Heilongjiang Art School Jiamusi Drama Performance Class he first debut in 1990 in a TV single drama "Smoke Scattered".

Since then he was involved in numerous Film and Televions dramas and won some major awards.

In March 28, 2010, he won the 14th Global Chinese best TV actor (Mainland) award for Asian influence. In the follow ing year he won the 3rd China New Country Television Festival Best Actor Award through "Eternal Loyalty".

His most recent lead action role is the 34 Episods Drama "Northern Earth" as Wang Zhongtian with lead actress Yan Dan chen.

Active Years: 2003 - now

Occupation: actor

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