Sam Yuranunt Pamornmontri (1963)

Sam Yuranunt Pamornmontri (1963)

Other Name: แซม ยุรนันท์ ภมรมนตรี Sam Yuranant Pamommontri Sam Yuranan Pamornmontri Sam Yuranan Phamonmontri

Age: 61

Birthday: January, 02, 1963

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 0 CM

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Yuranunt Pamornmontri (Nickname: Sam) is a singer, actor and politician, born in Bangkok ,Thailand. He is a prolific actor and was a very prominent leading actor of TV dramas, in the 1980's, acting in more than 70 dramas, starting in 1981.

His father is Lieutenant Prayoon Pamornmontri, a half-German son of a diplomat (b. 1897 in Berlin, d. 1982 in Bangkok); a member of the now dissolved Khana Ratsadon (People's Party), involved in the coup of 1932, establishing the constitutional monarchy. Yuranunt Pamornmontri entered politics in 2004 and is now a member of the Pheu Thai Party. He was a member of the Thai House of Representatives, in office 25 August 2011 to 22 May 2014.

Sam Yuranunt's brother, Yotmanu Pamornmontri, is also an actor, TV host and politician. Sam is married to Marisa Pamornmontri; they have two children together, Yurakarn and Yurarisa.

He's currently the chairman and CEO of Panacee Medical Center.

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