Wayne Song (1994)

Wayne Song (1994)

Other Name: 宋緯恩 宋偉恩 宋伟恩 宋纬恩 Song Wei En Song Wayne Сун Вэйэнь Уэйн Сун

Age: 29

Birthday: December, 20, 1994

Nationality: Taichung City, Taiwan

Height: 187 CM

Wayne Song, born in Taichung, is a Taiwanese actor. He graduated from the Department of Drama, Taiwan University of the Arts. In 2015, he signed to become a training artist of Yijia Entertainment Brokerage Company and participated in a one-and-a-half-year actor training course.

As a student Wayne Song was interested in what was going on "behind the scenes". He could direct, edit, and do post-production by himself. In 2011, he was a second-year student of Taichung City’s Second Senior High School. He entered the 8th Acer Digital Creation Microfilm Competition at that time, where he won the High School Group Award for Outstanding Works as a director.

Wayne Song couldn't afford his father's traditional education, so he volunteered to fill all the art classes in the university. He was admitted to the drama department of the Taiwan University of the Arts, and which opened up the road to acting.

(Source: Baidu)

Active Years: 2018 - now

Occupation: actor

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