Motola Serena (1998)

Motola Serena (1998)

Other Name: モトーラ世理奈 モトーラ せりな Serena Motola Motola Serina Serina Motola Motora Serena Serena Motora

Age: 25

Birthday: October, 09, 1998

Nationality: Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Height: 167 CM

An aspiring Japanese model with a multicultural background, she is an only child to her Italian American father and Japanese mother. Serena was scouted while shopping in Harajuku, she has modelled for various brands, with many appearances in editorials, photo-books, and as a subject in a photography exhibition.

Her current plans are to focus more on her English and acting skills. While her hobbies includes taking photos and discovering new things that sparks her curiosity and gives inspiration.

In the near future, Serena hopes to be able to travel, and explore all the foreign countries throughout the world.

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