Matsuoka Masahiro (1977)

Matsuoka Masahiro (1977)

Other Name: 松岡昌宏 まつおか まさひろ 마쓰오카 마사히로 松冈昌宏 Masahiro Matsuoka Мацуока Масахиро มะสึโอะกะ มะซะฮิโระ Μασαχίρο Ματσουόκα

Age: 47

Birthday: January, 11, 1977

Nationality: Nishi, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Height: 182 CM

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Matsuoka Masahiro is a Japanese drummer and actor.

He is a member of Tokio, a Johnny Entertainment musical group. His nicknames are Mabo and Maa-kun. He starred as Shinichi Ozaki in "Godzilla: Final Wars" and the comedy series "Yasuko to Kenji".

Matsuoka joined the pop/rock band Tokio as a drummer in 1990, although the band did not debut until 1994. Along with other Tokio members, he was a background dancer for idol bands such as Hikaru Genji.

Matsuoka has had parts in over 20 dramas. His first lead role was in "Psychometrer Eiji", a 1997 mystery science fiction drama. In 2008, he starred the comedy series "Yasuko to Kenji", adapted from the manga by artist Aruko.

Matsuoka has endorsed various brands with the band Tokio and by himself. With Tokio, he has endorsed, among others, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Eneos, a brand for Nippon Oil.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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