Ud Awat Ratanapintha (1996)

Ud Awat Ratanapintha (1996)

Other Name: อวัช รัตนปิณฑะ

Age: 27

Birthday: February, 08, 1996

Nationality: Thailand

Height: 165 CM

Awat Ratanapintha, nicknamed Ud, is a Thai actor, musician, and director born in Bangkok, Thailand. He has a bachelor's degree from Chulalongkorn University at the Faculty of Political Science. He first entered the entertainment industry in 2013 as an actor in Nadao Bangkok's 2013-2015 series 'Hormones' , then he signed up with the company.

Furthermore, he is also interested in the behind-the-camera job, working with Songyos 'Yong' Sugmakanan (Director and Producer in Nadao Bangkok) as a co-director and directing one of the episodes of 'Quarantine Stories' (2020). Up took part in the 'Passion and Patience' documentary of JJ Kritsanapoom (JAYLERR)'s new mini-album and MV 'ระเบียง' (Balcony) as music co-director.

Aside from that, Awat is a member of the band 'mints' along with Tonhon Tantivejakul. Their song also appeared as an OST for 'Great Man Academy' called เหลือ (Fine).

On 4th August 2021, Nadao Bangkok Co., Ltd communicated his decision to go out of the company and become an independent performer and artist.

(Source: Nadao Bangkok, Drama.fandom)

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